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LOVE WAR :: "A Series in 1st Corinthians"

The greatest proof whether someone is being changed by the gospel is the way in which they love. Love by God consequently breeds love for self and others. Our latest Sermon Series, based on the book of 1st Corinthians, helps us understand how love is intended to be lived out each day.

MAKING OUR HOUSE A HOME :: "A Series in the Book of Nehemiah"

Our vision for 2017 is to make our house a home. There's a great example in the Old Testament of two men that shared a similar desire. Nehemiah & Ezra felt the burden to rebuild the walls of their ruined city. At the heart of their vision lied the desire to make Israel a home for the exiles and the oppressed, and to make each heart a home for God.

WELCOME 2017 :: "Matthew 2:1-12"

Pastor Claude preaches our first sermon of the new year on January 1, 2017.


Waiting :: "An Advent Series"

During Advent, we are reminded of the all the centuries where God's people waited for the Messiah. Advent reminds of the anticipation, preparation, joy, and hope amidst the uncertainty facing God's people as they patiently waited for the fulfillment of God's promises. Advent reminds us that God always follows through on His promises.


renewal :: "our identity | Our mission"

A series explaining how the Gospel renews our lives and moves us to share that renewal with others, giving us a new identity and mission for our city.


Grace Affords :: "A Series on Relationships"

The dysfunction of our relationships has to do with the fact that we fail to apply grace to others. It's a hard thing when you feel you don't have enough of something to share it with others. It's understandable. But this is where hope lies. To the degree we understand how much we have been given in Christ, we are then able to afford extending it to others. This series is designed to bring health and healing of our relationships so that we are able to live according to God's design for us. After all, "It is not good for us to be alone."


WHO WE ARE :: "The GOspel & Our CORE VALUES"

Crossbridge is a family of churches on mission in Miami. As a church, we are shaped by four core values that flow directly out the gospel. When we invite you to covenant partner with us on mission, our desire is that you would align to us in values and mission. As you would imagine, it’s a challenging task to move together on mission if members of the same family are going in different directions. During this series, we invite you to revisit our four core values. Our desire is that you would ponder and consider these four ways in which the gospel of Jesus is shaping our church family and is enabling us to effectively reach our city with the gospel.


Who is Your King

We're all designed to give our hearts away to something greater than ourselves. To believe in the promises of power and influence. In short, we're all attracted to glory. Tune in to our new Advent Series to find out what is truly ruling your heart. 



Pastor Felipe Assis is back from Sabbatical, and beginning a sermon series on The FULLfilled Life. Learn where true rest comes from, and the key to happiness and true fulfillment.



Summer Sermon Series that began May 24th - August 16th. Take a deeper look into who Jesus is, whom he claimed to be, and how he changed and still changes lives today. 



In this new series we will attempt to gain a better grasp of the storyline of the whole Bible. The Bible is not a compendium of varied stories that teach us how to live. If that’s all it was, then the Bible would be about us and what we must do. But read rightly, the Bible is a single story and it’s not about us. It’s about him. The Bible is not about what we must do but what he has done. And it’s only when we understand his story and what he has done that we are able to make sense of our story and find hope in it.


Seeing - Luke 1:26-38

God is coming! God is coming!
All the element we swim in, this existence,
Echoes ahead the advent. God is coming! Can't you feel it?

Walter Wangerin Jr. 


Invested Series

The WORLD asks, "What does a man own?"  CHRIST asks, "How does he use it?" -Andrew Murray


The Skeptic Series

Beginning this Sunday, November 9th, this new sermon series will help believers deepen their faith while creating an opportunity where doubtful people may encounter the answers they are looking for and therefore become open to the joy of Christianity.

City Pulse Series

What is the disposition of our hearts towards our city? We cannot expect to help our city to become a better city if love is not at the core of all we do. In this new series of sermons based on the ancient book of Jonah, we will take a close look at the heart of a prophet that wrestled with the call to love a pagan city. Moreover, of a God whose heart pulsed towards cities. During the month of October, our hope is that we will see ourselves in Jonah and that we would carry out the call that has been laid out for us -- to love our city as God loves the city.

Welcome Home Series

There are some key practices that are characteristic to Christianity such as prayer, generosity, and corporate worship. One practice that’s often overlooked however, is the practice of hospitality. Hospitality is essential to what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Why? Because our God is a welcoming God. Our desire as a church has always been to be outward faced and inclusive of all. Especially to those who are in the margins of our lives. During the month of September we will journey together through different passages of Scripture desiring to learn what it means to be a welcoming church family in Miami. Come, all are welcomed.

Why? A series on Job

One thing that we can all be certain in this life is that we will suffer. It is natural that when we suffer that we ask the question… Why? “Why me? Why them? Why this? Why now?” During the month of August, we will take a close look at the book of Job. The book of Job is an ancient piece of literature that possesses a rich narrative and plot that can help us cope well with the “why” question. If you desire to learn how to grow in wisdom, joy, and hope in the face of pain or help others while in pain, join us in one of our three locations as we journey together through Job.


“A blessed year so far.
The first half of 2014 has been a true blessing for all of those who call Crossbridge Church their family. The successful launch of our Miami Springs location, and Easter Sunday that gathered nearly 900 people across our 3 locations, and the many baptisms that have taken place this semester are tangible evidences that God continues to work through our church community.

{The Way of LOVE}

Brennan Manning said years ago that “The single greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, then walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyles.” This new series of sermons will focus on the lifestyle Christians are called by Jesus to live. Love as a lifestyle is so important that even Jesus said that when we love, we give the world the greatest apologetic argument that God is real, for our God is love.

A lenten series on the Servant Songs of Isaiah.

During the 40 days that lead up to Easter, also known as “Lent”, the Christian church through out the centuries has focused on the mission of Jesus. The big question for the church during this season has historically been: “What did Jesus come to do?” In the final chapters of Isaiah we find a collection of epic songs that describe the mission of the Christ in a way that not even the gospel writers do. These songs were written to give us a deeper appreciation for the work of Jesus and to stir in us expectation and hope. We invite you to join us during this lent season to journey with us through these rhapsodies of redemption.